Fees & Appointments

What happens when you start therapy?

1st Step:

If you like the look and feel of this website and would like to contact me, confidentially, then please call on 07470 785725 or send an email to hello@jonhendersontherapy.com. I will respond to you within 24 hours and generally much sooner. If we decide to meet for a first appointment my fee is reduced to £30.

2nd Step:

The purpose of our first appointment is for us to see if you are comfortable with me as your therapist and for me to find out about you so that I can be sure that I can provide the service that you need. The session is usually up to an hour in length.

3rd Step:

If we decide to work together on an ongoing basis then we would have a simple agreement, which covers certain key points:

Sessions for individuals are 50 minutes in duration; Couples 90 minutes, sessions are weekly and held at the same time on the same day of the week.
The location of our sessions are usually at the Heeler Centre Hassocks.
Fees are; £65 per individual sessions; £100 couples sessions.
My Privacy Policy protects the confidentiality of your data, complaints procedure and Insurance details.