Counselling & Therapy Services

My clinical experience is with a broad range of clients presenting a variety of different mental ill-health issues or emotional distress. This includes matters such as addictions & alcohol, anger & anger management, trauma & recovery, anxiety, fear & phobia and depression, grief & loss.

Whatever your reason for considering therapy my style of working with you will always be respectful, supportive and holding, providing you with a safe place to say what you really think and to explore how you really feel, without fear of judgement. At the core of our relationship is confidentiality; you can be sure that whatever we discuss remains confidential.


Addictions & Alcohol

When I use the word ‘addiction’ I am referring to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, video gaming, and certain eating disorders. Addiction is a hard word to hear when we use it about ourselves or a loved one. Initially, there can be a lot of resistance to accepting that we or someone we know is addicted to either a substance or a behaviour, which is causing harm.

Anger & Anger Management

Anger is one of the four basic emotions, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Joy. Anger is useful in many circumstances. When we feel angry we are telling ourselves that something is wrong, a boundary has been crossed, something needs to change in order to rectify the situation. When we learn to understand the feeling and then […]

Anxiety, Fear & Phobia

Understanding fear One of the four key emotions is fear, a word which covers everything from slightly concerned to absolute terror. Fear can be the hallmark of someone’s life. Scared to say what we really think, scared to be seen, scared to go out, scared to take risks, even small ones, to apply for a new […]

Depression, Grief and Loss

I have worked as a grief counsellor at both the Martlets Hospice in Hove and also St Catherine’s in Crawley and I have run Bereavement Workshops at Mind in Sevenoaks. When we lose someone to death the pain can be visceral, primal and overwhelming. I have worked with people who have suffered the death of […]

Trauma and Recovery

Understanding trauma Traumas occur in many ways. Trauma is subjective; events that traumatize one person may not traumatize another. Traumas may relate to single events or be the result of continuous drip feeding or longer-term neglect which results in a trauma response. Types of trauma Trauma responses can vary significantly; fight, flight, freeze and flop […]