Anger & Anger Management

Anger is one of the four basic emotions, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Joy. Anger is useful in many circumstances. When we feel angry we are telling ourselves that something is wrong, a boundary has been crossed, something needs to change in order to rectify the situation. When we learn to understand the feeling and then act on it in a healthy, positive way then anger Can be a real positive attribute.

Types of anger

Sometimes how we act when angry is unhealthy. Our expression of our anger doesn’t convey what we want or does so in such a way as to scare others or bring us into conflict. Our anger causes more discomfort perhaps.

Sometimes anger is unexpressed and remains with us and becomes bitter or resentful. Harbouring unexpressed anger doesn’t tend to solve our problems and in fact, as resentment is held onto the main effect is that the person that holds it is the one that suffers.

Managing anger

Anger Management is about learning to recognize anger and learning how to express it in a healthy way. Anger therapy can also focus on letting go of long-held resentments that are deep-seated. Anger can be directed at others and at ourselves and some of the work might focus on forgiveness and letting go.